sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Learning how to learn in connected learning...

A. Couros put forward seven questions in the session about connected learning. The first was:
- What does my PLE/PLN looks like? How can I share it?
In these days I continue my own learning process, compiling, choosing, sharing and building my PLE and PLN. I've been reading very interesting posts, tweets, articles, listening the recording sessions on Blackboard...  Most of them are inspiring me, and I'm trying to organize the meaningful information that I've selected through tools such as Diigo and Google Reader, using tags. I'm a little disorganized and so made me laugh this reflection from Juan Fernandez. Also, I've found very useful and illuminating this presentation about Content Curation.
I like to share all of this with others, making connections and... wow! All is a continuous feedback... The posts, comments, tweets... don't stop and sometimes I feel a little dazed. Well, I suppose it's normal, because I'm learning to learn. :)
Commenting, sharing, discussing... it's essential in that process, but I think that it's also important take time to stand, reflect, make sense and focus. I've found interesting reflections about that in this post from Sibrenne.
In relation with another question:
- What skills and literacies are necessary for connected learning? How do we develop these?  
Mainly, I think it's important to have competences using new technologies or become familiar with, and have competences to choose, select and organize the information, and be critical. I think this kind of experiences such as #etmooc are very useful to develop these competences. For example, I'm experimenting it,  learning how to learn in connected learning through this experience.
In next posts, I'll try to continue reflecting...  I do it slowly, because sometimes I'm lost in translation... ;)

lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

After the first etmooc week...

Well, this first week has been very useful for me to start building my PLE and PLN.
I have some difficulties to read and understanding all the knowledge which is shared in this experience, but little by little...
I've started connecting with different people and I've found interesting tools, blogs, articles, resources, reflections... which are very helpful.
Now, I'm organizing the tools to get the most of this etmooc.
Mainly, I'm using Google+ and Twitter to share information
I use this blog to reflect, although it's difficult for me do it in English, but I try it... :-)
I use Google Reader to read the blogs that I started to follow, and I try to comment their reflections.
Etmooc Daily, Blackboard Collaborate sessions and etmooc.org are an important tools, very useful... Thanks for the archive and the curation!
I've started to reflect about the topics that I'm interested in, mainly Media and Digital Literacy, intercultural learning...
I'm a beginner and I'm in my own learning process in a MOOC experience, and it's nice to share it with others!

sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

Introducing myself...

My name's Gemma and I try to participate in #etmooc.
I studied Audiovisual Communication in UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) Currently, I'm studying a Master about TIC and Education in UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). I've known about the Connectivism and MOOC making a work for the university a month ago and it was amazing. I think that the best way to know about it is involving  in this experience
Nowadays, I'm working in Barcelona as a teacher of New Technologies in a project named "Antenes Cibernarium", training for begginers, mainly adults, older people and unemployed.
I'm very interested to learn about Digital and Media Literacy.  Three years ago, I worked in different projects about Media Literacy, throught using video and radio, giving tools to explore the auto expression, language competences... at schools and social centers.
It's difficult for me to participate actively in this MOOC experience because my English is bad (you can notice it... but I'm learning...) and sometimes I can't express my thoughts and I have difficulties to understand. The language is a little problem for me in that experience, where the communication is an important thing ...
This is my first MOOC experience and I'm a little lost...  But I'm very surprised how much knowledge, experiences, tools,... that are shared with others! Now, I try to organize the information, the tools...I'm exploring, discovering and learning how to build and organize my PLE... I hope to share my thoughts and experiences soon!
Thanks and be connected!